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"Giving you the confidence to find financial success in every aspect of your business AND your life!"

Have you ever thought learning about finances was HARD work?

Considered giving up on your dreams of starting a business because the “money stuff” is way out of your comfort zone? Or suffered from tax terror so you let it all fall by the wayside?

We’re here to tell you that with the right tools you can conquer all of the above and so much more!

The Problem Is...

  • You don’t know where to start or who to trust

  • You can find information online but none of it makes sense

  • You can’t afford to shell out thousands of dollars for an expert's eye

  • You need someone that speaks your language to break it down in a way that’s easy for you to understand and put into place!

Who says financial education has to be painful? Well, we know it doesn’t have to be!

About ALL things Financial breaks down complicated financial topics in your life AND your business in a way that is easy for you to understand and geared for you to succeed.

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Course One

This Course is designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to successfully launch and grow a business.

In this course, students will learn about the key elements of starting and running a business including: Market Research, Business Planning, and Financial Management.

Some of the things that students will learn in this course include:

- The basics of market research and how to identify a profitable business idea

- How to develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines your goals, strategies, and projected financials

- Essential financial management skills, including budgeting, forecasting, and managing cash flow

Course Two

This course is designed to help entrepreneurs understand the different types of business structures and make an informed decision when setting up their business.

The course covers the 5 most common business structures: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Corporation, and S-Corporation.

Throughout the course, students will learn about:

- The key characteristics and legal requirements of each business structure

- Common myths and misconceptions that can lead to mistakes when choosing a business structure

- The advantages and disadvantages of each business structure, including taxation, personal liability, and management structure

- How to choose the right business structure for your business based on your goals, industry, and projected growth

The course is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are in the process of setting up their business or considering a change in their business structure.



Course Three

This course is designed to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with the knowledge and skills needed to optimize their tax deductions and minimize their tax liability.

Throughout the course, students will learn about:

- The key tax deductions and credits available to small businesses

- How to organize and maintain accurate financial records

- Strategies for minimizing tax liability

- How to navigate the tax system and avoid common mistakes

The course is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to take control of their taxes and ensure they are taking advantage of all the deductions and credits available to them.

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What qualifications does AATF offer to support my financial endeavors?

AATF started as a bookkeeping business over 30 years ago. Tracy Tate (Jones) holds BA Degree in Business, an MBA in Accounting and Public Administration, and multiple Masters Certifications in Accounting as well as Accounts Payable Management.

What accounting information and services are available?

We provide Bank reconciliations, General ledger reconciliations, Billing & receiving services, Bookkeeping & Accounting services, Bill paying services and Budgeting assistance.

What Insurance services and information are available?

We offer assistance in Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Long term care Insurance.

I'm not sure what services I will need. How can I get started?

We aim to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to schedule a free consultation 6 days a week.

What Financial solutions services and information are available?

Retirement strategies and services, Flexible financial solutions, Working capital, Lines of credit, Receivable financing, Equipment leasing/loans, SBA Loans and Fixed Annuities.

What Coaching services and information are available?

We offer Business coaching, Financial coaching, and Life & Health coaching.

What Documents, Filing services, and information are available?

We offer Financial statement preparation, Tax return e-filing services, and Tax preparation services – Individual & Corporate.

What Business-related services and information are available?

We assist with Business formation – Federal and State, Business support services/Implementations, Business plan preparation, Business Lending and Commercial real estate.

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